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Pedimentation: Cousins ​​will become an excellent quartz.

Washington’s red skin is currently not added, and wholesale nfl jerseys outlet the team has lost 4 games in the bottom of the country. In the last week, 20-30 lost in Arizona, the third-grade quadrant was copied in the fourth quarter 3 times in the fourth quarter. In a total of 18 games in the career, Cossonus completed 18 times of passing, but also 18 times of copying and 5 times. In the past two seasons, the competition of his first fierce ended the end.

Although Cossonus protects the ball’s ability to be ill, wholesale nfl jerseys china he still has received support from teammates. The speech is the team star, Pierre Gar & Ccedil; ON. Pixabay, in terms of ESPN interviews on Tuesday: «We are very confident to him, he is very young, but it is already very good. What he has to do is to continue to accumulate experience. Although he has encountered a lot of difficulties, But when he overcomes difficulties, it will become a top quarter-off. «

Although Coss doesn’t have to worry about replacing Coft McCoy, the team is already in the team, when Robert Griffin III returned, Cousins ​​will Have to return to the tension. At present, Griffin has begun to train, and there is not much time for Cousins.